Frequently Asked Questions About Saffron Extract

Q: What is Saffron Extract?
A: It was initially found in rural regions of Southwest and Greece Asia. As it was proven to be useful, this plant is now able to be found in many parts throughout the world. It can also found in food, but is very costly due to its special aroma and flavor.

Q: How is Saffron Extract used as a dietary supplement?
A: Saffron extract has no calories and is currently commonly accepted as an efficient food suppressant. What this means is it can help lessen your appetite for carbs and sugary foods. It works best to fight your food cravings, especially between meals.

Q: What studies back up the use of Saffron Extract for dieting?
A: In 2010, Nutrition Research published a study involving 60 people consisting of healthy, slightly overweight women. Daily for ten days, one group took a product with Saffron Extract, while the other group used a placebo. Results showed that those who consumed a Saffron Extract supplement had a greater decrease for the yearning of snacks, rather than those who took the placebo.

Q: I keep hearing that Saffron was mentioned on TV. What did the program say?
A: World-famous Doctor Mehmet Oz recommended Saffron Extract as a dietary supplement on his syndicated television talk-show. Doctor Oz conducted research involving two women who tried the saffron extract supplement, and both admitted that they’re prone to eating emotionally. Both women later unmasked that they felt their food cravings were greatly reduced.

Q: How can Saffron assist you to lose weight?
Because it can suppress your diet, it can also allow you to lose weight. Saffron will boost your serotonin levels, which will then help you slim down due to the following reasons:

  • It can help you in having a healthier eating practice by eliminating your starvation from frequent taking of snacks.
  • This encourages your body to burn off excess fat, that will cause you to minimize fat moderately, without worrying about doing all your usual daily routine.
  • It reduces the sensation of hunger for snacks and unhealthy foods between meals by upping your serotonin levels.
  • Once your serotonin levels are high, you tend to be in a joyful and happier mood. Consequently, the food intake is likely to be reduced and it is simpler to lose weight faster.

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