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The Health Benefits of a Saffron Extract Supplement

Pure saffron extract is derived from saffron that is used as an appetite suppressant. According to experts such as Dr. Oz, the supplement offers considerable benefits to those who are struggling to lose excess pounds. For this reason, products containing saffron extract supplement are in high demand in many areas of the world.


Saffron is a spice that is extracted from dried crocuses. The spice itself is typically hand-harvested, making it the costliest spice in the world when sold by weight. Over three centuries old, saffron has innumerable uses, but has only recently come to the forefront as a potential appetite suppressant.


Many experts believe that pure saffron extract has the ability to lesson one’s urge to eat for reasons other than the need for energy and nutrition. Several theories exist with regard to why the supplement may be beneficial in this regard, one of which is the possibility that when used on a regular basis, pure saffron has the ability to elevate human serotonin levels.

Researchers suspect this is the case because studies have shown that when using the supplement, most individuals experience an improved mood, as well as reduced hunger between meals. These effects are similar to those associated with the synthetic anti-depressants that are used to balance the serotonin levels of individuals who suffer from clinical depression.

Appropriate serotonin levels are essential to a healthy state of mind and they are also associated with a diminished desire to snack when one is not truly hungry. Therefore, the benefits of pure saffron extract may reach beyond weight loss. For this reason, further studies are being conducted to determine if additional advantages exist with regard to the use of the supplement.


Research conducted on a group of 140 overweight women indicated that when used for a period of 30 days, saffron extract supplement is beneficial with regard to weight loss. The individuals who participated in the study were divided into two groups. One group was given a placebo and the other the saffron extract supplement. The latter group experienced measurable weight loss, while the placebo group shed little or no excess weight throughout the course of the study. Although individual results will vary from person to person, the above information indicates that considerable evidence exists to support the opinion of Dr. Oz and other experts regarding the benefits of pure saffron extract when used as a weight loss supplement.

Additional Considerations

Many men and women overeat because they are stressed, tired, bored, anxious or sad. Individuals in this category will likely benefit from saffron extract supplement. Dietary supplements of this type not only help dieters to feel more satisfied and full between meals, but will also serve to enhance their overall mood. For this reason, virtually anyone struggling with excess pounds or who is desperately trying to break the emotional eating cycle should consider adding pure saffron extract to his or her diet. However, as always, it is wise to discuss the use of any new supplement or diet pill with one’s primary health care practitioner.

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