How Does Saffron Extract Work as an Appetite Suppressant?

by Saffron Extract on June 20, 2015

Weight management can be a problem for many individuals these days. Appetite can be hard to control, especially when you’re bored or just plain out hungry. Some people have a hard time controlling what they eat. With the aid of appetite suppressants though, this can be something easily controlled.

It seems too common that you see people going back for another helping of food, or just eating because they have nothing better to do. What about when your boyfriend or girlfriend breaks up with you or the two of you have a fight? Do you find yourself reaching for the tub of Ben and Jerry’s Rocky Road ice cream?

Controlling your appetite all comes down to portion control and knowing when enough is enough. Dr. Oz has become well-known for promoting products to help people who struggle with their weight. One way to help you with your weight dilemma is with one of the fastest growing appetite suppressants being talked about. One that seems to be making a huge buzz and seems to be popular with the ever famous Dr. Oz is Saffron Extract. He gives an opinion as it being one of the best appetite suppressants available nowadays and can help with weight loss in a natural way.

What is Saffron Extract?

Saffron extract comes from the saffron plant and is found in medications and spices. When used as a spice it’s often times pricey and when used in medications can be more affordable for some people. This means it’s typically more affordable when used in weight loss supplements. This is why it’s used by so many people.

Saffron is in several medications and alternative medications that are used to treat other conditions along with weight loss. These conditions include:

Saffron was originally used for suppressing the appetite when cooking certain foods. Now, it’s used for the same thing but it’s found in a supplement form as opposed to a spice.

How it Helps with Weight Loss

Serotonin increases in the brain which is one of the main hormones that helps with weight loss. It has a direct influence on how you feel and it’s often known as the “feel good” hormone. If this hormone is controlled the right way you can feel full after eating smaller portions of food. Caloric intake decreases meaning cravings and the urge to eat decreases. Grazing decreases and the need to snack in between meals diminishes also. This allows the body to burn fat helping you to lose weight at a safe pace.

Is This Right for You?

So, how do you know if this is the right supplement for you to help control weight? Basically, if you are looking to lose weight and have struggled with other products, this may be what you need. For some people it’s not about what they eat but about how much they eat. Some people simply need a little booster to help them eat less and then weight begins melting off.

Because this is an all-natural supplement, you won’t find the side effects that you find with other weight loss pills. This supplement helps you lose weight safely and at a safe pace. Not only can it help with weight loss, but many people have noticed an increase in their mood.

Combats Emotional Eating

One of the biggest factors to weight gain is emotional eating. This is triggered by certain chemicals in the brain. Compulsive eating takes place in 30% of women and carbs are what the common craving is. When carbs are put in the mouth they turn the hormones in the brain on and you begin associating these foods with feeling good and then you begin to feel satisfied.

Saffron extract can trick the brain and when it enters the intestinal system it stimulates the eater to feel fuller faster. This means even eating carbs becomes something that is done less often. When you see different food, including carbs you can turn it away without having to eat it.

The market these days offers hundreds of products that promise weight loss and while some do work to an extent, others do not. This means you waste money, and for people who have wasted money, you might be among the many who are skeptical. The only way to know if the product is truly going to work for you is to try it out. If you don’t notice results, return it for a refund. But, with hundreds of positive reviews from consumers all over the internet, chances are you will get results that you haven’t gotten with other supplements or fad diets!


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